Many people suffer for many years with unsightly red, broken veins that can be extremely difficult to cover up. People are apprehensive when it comes to aesthetic treatments believing it would be too expensive or too invasive and are put off by stories of painful procedures and lengthy downtimes. In this article we will [...]

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Get Glowing Youthful Skin With These Simple Diet Tips

Boosting your collagen is the key to keeping your skin youthful and glowing. As we age our body simply starts producing less and less collagen. The loss of collagen means the skin loses firmness and gradually starts to wrinkle and sag. So we have to find alternative ways to boost our collagen levels in order [...]

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The Benefits of Chemical Peeling on the Skin

Chemical peels are extremely popular way of treating a whole host of skin concerns without any of the side effects associated with invasive surgery and the results can be life transforming.   What is a Chemical Peel? A skin peel treatment is simply a non toxic chemical solution that is applied to the skin in-order [...]

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What are the causes of Acne? And what can you do to treat acne?

What causes acne is the same for everyone regardless of your gender, age, skin colour, or ethnicity.  The most important fact about acne is that it’s an inflammatory disorder and therefore almost everything you do to make it go away must reduce or eliminate inflammation. There is a whole series of factors that create the [...]

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Introducing the Next Generation in Microneedling

  Clinic33 is proud to offer the latest technology in microneedling.  The Nanopore stylus, created by Spanish skin care company Sesderma, is a unique system that combines microneedling with the method of mesotherapy. What is the Nanopore Stylus Microneedling system? The Nanopore microneedling device is used to promote skin health through a non-invasive approach.  The [...]

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Top Tips for Dealing with Hyperpigmentation

  Hyperpigmentation is an extremely unfortunate condition that affects many people. Dark spots or patches on the skin can look very unsightly and although they are completely harmless they can be cause a lot of distress. The reason these dark spots occur is because of an increase in the melanin production in the skin. Your melanocytes [...]

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LIPOFIRM Pro, Non-Invasive Fat Reduction, Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening

Katie Price recently hit the headlines for posting pictures of her latest body contouring treatment a non surgical bum lift. The machine responsible for Katie’s pert posterior is none other than the Lipofirm Pro.  However, the Lipofirm Pro isn’t just available to celebrities but is now being used by many people as a fantastic alternative [...]

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Top Tips to Improve Cellulite

Cellulite can be a very frustrating condition but it is an extremely common one particularly for women. At some point in their lives most people experience cellulite on their bodies.  However, when we talk about cellulite there seems to be a degree of confusion.   Some people believe it is a specific medical condition but [...]

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