No More Facial Veins :)

No More Facial Veins :)

2015 has seen the first real year that vein removal company Thermavein have stood head and shoulders above the rest with their incredibly simple but extremely effective thread vein removal procedure.

We brought Thermavein on in the spring of 2015 and take great pleasure in providing the treatment as a service to customers. One of the best things about the procedure is its instant and  in the Aesthetics world hardly anyhing is instant so this is a massive plus. Bringing on a treatment like Thermavein is good for lots of reasons, a couple years in high profile media such as Embarrasing Bodies and GMTV mean its credibility is fairly solid and it must actually work. The process is simple in the sense that it just coagulates the blood and closes down the vein wall leaving no visible vein behind.

It is however a one trick pony and simply will not do anything else other than its intended purpose which is the complete removal of Thread veins, Rosacea, Spider nevi and Red veins. Red veins can be removed under a certain size, face is always fine but the legs can prove tricky if the veins are large.

Now, why is good to have something that serves no other additional purpose?

This is very good because most treatments that are used for vein removal and other skin defects are also used for a range of other procedures. This in turn makes their effectiveness somewhat less as they are more of a ‘jack of all’ than a focused performer. Laser’s are an example for this and used nowadays for almost anything but again only up to around 70% effectiveness.

So, if you have facial veins or Rosacea that you no longer want…. we’re right here in Hove.