We combine Lipoglaze fat freezing (for safe non-invasive fat removal) with Lipofirm smoothing and sculpting treatments, advanced nutrition supplements and a bespoke workout plan to give maximum results and sustainability.

  • Lipoglaze Cryotherapy (fat freezing) targets those fat cells that are hard to remove with just exercise and diet. Proven, safe, non-surgical technology to kick-start your fat loss journey.

  • LipofirmPro TriLipo with DMA technology is the most advanced non-invasive treatment for tightening, firming, lifting and sculpting.

  • Advanced nutritional metabolic supplements ensure your metabolic rate operates at the optimum level with chromium, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine.

  • A bespoke lower body workout plan for home or your gym to achieve and sustain maximum results.

What our clients say…

I came to clinic 33 in search of a lifted bum and less cellulite on my hamstrings (all made worse by having my adorable kids). They took me through my options and what the different treatments do and then made an 8 week plan. The plan involved various treatments (Lipofirm and Fat freezing), home exercises and a slight change in my food. I was in weekly and we took fortnightly pictures to show progress. Lifestyle and the whole picture are taken into consideration with them as appose to just the treatments, this attracted me to them as I know just a treatment once a week probably will not be enough.  At the end my cellulite was pretty much gone and still is now 2 months later, my bum is still lifted and feels much tighter and fuller (thank god!). I go back every 6 weeks for top up Lipofirm sessions and that’s pretty much it. Oh, and I eat less sugar now (more on cheat days).

– Laura, Portslade, Sussex

Body Changer Bum Lift Programme

  • 2 Lipoglaze treatments (small head)
  • 12 weekly Lipofirm treatments
  • Bespoke lower body workout plan
  • Metabolic support supplements


*(Save £215 compared to when individually priced)

We make you feel good about your body…

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