Our Lipoglaze fat freezing treatment (for safe non-invasive fat removal) is combined with the skin tightening and body contouring treatment Lipofirm to treat one of the most stubborn areas of fatty areas on the body.

  • Lipoglaze Fat Freezing targets these hard-to-shift fat cells using the latest non-surgical proven technology.

  • Lipofirm PRO TriLipo with DMA technology is one of the most advanced non-invasive treatments for tightening, firming and sculpting.

  • Advanced nutritional metabolic supplements ensure your metabolic rate operates at peak levels with chromium, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine.

  • A personalised nutritional plan tailored to you and your lifestyle.

What our clients say…

So, I was looking for a quick fix to my ever increasing spare tyre that wouldn’t go away around my middle. I’m 42 and my god has it got harder over the last 5 years!. I found these guys through a friend who saw them for weight loss, I didn’t want anything invasive I just wanted to see what could be done that didn’t involve too much effort. I saw Kevin who hooked me up to this analysis machine and gave me a print out of all different things body fat, hydration etc and explained the process of Fat Freezing. My skin is in good condition so he said I didn’t tightening or anything else just fat removal. Long and short of it I lost 7 inches off my stomach in 8 weeks and can now wear my favourite clothes again 😊. Might go back for the Divine Pro facelift in Spring, will see.

– Debbie, East Grinstead

Body Changer Muffin Top Reduction Programme

  • Lipoglaze treatments (1 x large head PLUS 2 x small head)
  • 8 weekly Lipofirm treatments
  • Metabolic support supplements
  • Bespoke nutritional plan


*(Save £275 compared to when individually priced)

We make you feel good about your body…

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