Suffering from excess sagging skin after weight loss? Recently had a baby? When the skin’s elastin has stretched  it can result in visible stretch marks and collagen depletion. This Programme has been specifically developed to target these concerns.

  • Divine Pro treatments. The very latest technology works in 3 ways:

    • TriFractional RF : This rejuvenates the outer layer of the skin by creating micro-wounds which trigger the body’s natural healing response causing healthy skin renewal and skin texture improvement.
    • Voluderm: Fine micro-needles stimulate the body to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin.
    • Tripollar with Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA): Creates controlled inflammation by simultaneously heating superficial and deep skin layers, giving immediate results.
  • Lipofirm Radio Frequency is a clinically proven, safe skin tightening treatment which penetrates deep into the skin heating up the tissue, causing an acceleration of fibroblast activity and the stimulation of collagen production.

  • Mesoesthetic Stem Cell Cream is formulated to help reverse cell regeneration, slowing down and strengthening the connective tissue structure and improving skin quality and texture.

  • Nutritional collagen support supplements rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is a key building block for collagen formation which, when combined with vitamin A, helps maintain the skin’s elasticity.

What our clients say…

I’m 37 years old and after having my second child who is now 2 my lovely tummy has somewhat gone. Before my kids I was relatively happy with my stomach but I think I lost the weight a bit too quickly with the second one. I eat well, go the gym and do just about everything I can think of but its just not what it was. I heard about Clinic 33 on the radio and made an appointment to see if there was anything that can be done. Katy explained the Lipofirm treatment and the benefits of Radio Frequency which apparently is quite advanced now and we booked in 12 sessions along with some other things.

I saw an improvement in my skin texture and tightness about 4 sessions in and finished my appointments there about 2 months ago. My stomach is now almost pre baby id say, they said it will never be the same again which I can appreciate but its about as close to it as I can achieve. Up close the stretch marks are slightly visible but nothing like before.

– Louise, Brighton

Body Changer Tummy Tightener Programme

  • 1 x Divine Pro treatments
  • 10 Lipofirm Radio Frequency treatments
  • Mesoesthetic Body shock cream
  • 2 x collagen support capsules
  • Personalised AB workout plan.


*(Save £200 compared to when individually priced)

We make you feel good about your body…

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