We started clinic 33 in 2013 after seeing the need for a Aesthetics style clinic in Brighton, sussex and the south east. The blend of beauty, well being and non invasive cosmetic treatments is something that had not really been done before.

We wanted to take our knowledge and experience from health, beauty, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, well being & lifestyle and find the most cutting edge solutions to either ineffective treatments or unexplored innovations.


Health and beauty over the years has seen many many fads and gimmicks come and go and each time leave us doubtful over the promised results of the next thing, we have seen everything from miracle creams to ‘lose weight yesterday’tyle pills or potions. What we do know is if it sounds to good to be true it most probably is.

We seek to pursue treatments that are well researched and of such quality that they stand the test of time and change the industry, Take the iPhone or ipad, something that no one thought they needed but now almost impossible to live without. Our laser tattoo removal and nano technology inspired dermatological treatments are similar such things in the beauty, medical or aesthetics industry. Cryolipolysis fat freezing is a truly modern treatment and customers are seeing very promising and rewarding benefits.

Our purpose here is to help people achieve a result they desire through our knowledge and experience of our field combined with the best treatment that current technology has to offer.