Do you know how to get rid of your dreaded muffin top?

One of the questions we get asked numerous times a day at the clinic is “how do I get rid of my muffin top? For some people its an area that they have always had trouble with and for some its something that has crept on over the years or suddenly became an issue during or after having a baby. What ever the case, thank goodness, there is a solution. Tight fitting jeans and trousers make the area look worse and owning a good pair of spanx is imperative if you have these love handles and want to give the impression of a smooth silhouette without the lumps and bumps. But what an inconvenience! Most jeans are tight fitting and who wants to search through their drawers to have to find their body shaping wear, just before they want to throw on a dress in the summer or for an event. If you have an hour glass figure lucky you, but then this area is usually exasperated further. The Exercises to get rid of muffin top will help, but not take them away, exercises will only tone up the general area, running and spinning can help weight loss, especially in this area, but again, not get rid of the problem area completely.

For the men

You do most things right, you eat reasonably well and exercise but that elusive V shape is not anywhere near and won’t be coming anytime soon. The biggest issue here is the fact that its probably your body shape/ type and genetics. Even when you follow all the rules you simply just lose weight and shape from your face, chest and upper stomach.

If somethings sounds too good to be true then it most likely is. Fat freezing is not a miracle treatment, but it will permanently destroy fat cells from the areas that are treated and this in turn will result in inches off with a noticeable difference from start to finish.

Ideally, we always say to start or combine an eating plan with Lipoglaze Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) to aid weight loss alongside the treatment as 9 times out of 10 these “muffin tops” are due to excess fat from being slightly overweight. An eating plan, plus Cryolipolysis will be perfect for shaping you into your silhouette. However, if this “muffin top” is a general problem area for you, even when you are feeling at your leanest, then Cryolipolysis alone will work effectively. We find in fact, that this area is one of the fastest and most noticeable areas to perform this procedure. Fat freezing is currently the only available non-invasive procedure that gives you the ability to spot reduce a target area of body fat.

Coming into our clinic for a consultation will not only allow us to assess your suitability for the treatment, but also guide us so we can advise you how to lose muffin top — for good!

We have a full body bio impedance machine that breaks down body fat all over the body to give us data so we can monitor the progress on your mid-section compared to the rest of the body.

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