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Microneedling at Clinic 33

Get smoother, firmer and more toned skin with Microneedling at Clinic 33.

Uniquely combined with Mesotherapy ingredients for maximum results.

What is Micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a procedure that uses very small titanium needles to prick the skin. The purpose of creating that skin trauma is to stimulate and generate new collagen, elastin and skin tissue

How does it work?

To carry out Microneedling, we choose to use the Nano Pore Turbo Roller; a unique system combines all the benefits of traditional Microneedling (derma roller) but allows us to add the additional benefits of Mesotherapy (vitamin injections) all in one painless treatment.

The mechanical device delivers the needles into the skin in a safe, quick and painless treatment without the use of any anaesthetic creams and without the downtime required afterwards common with other results driven procedures.

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Microneedling Excellence

The Nano Pore Turbo Roller comes from multi-award winning world leaders in Nano Dermatology, Sesderma. This company is one of the most heavily funded and forward-thinking skin treatment brands on the market; boasting 99.7% skin penetration through their products.

Why combine Microneedling with Mesotherapy?

With the microchannels of the skin now open following the micro-needling treatment, it is a perfect opportunity to boost the treatments potential by using mesotherapy’s active ingredients. This unique application of massaging the additives into the skin is painless, and again, is without the use of injectables thus a non-invasive procedure. This treatment can even be used in combination with our Nano Technology chemical peels to deliver even more impressive results.

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Before & After Treatment

This treatment’s unique ability to combine multiple platforms in a way that delivers maximum skin penetration with the most minimal of downtimes.

  • Wrinkle depth reduction and removal
  • Tighter and firmer skin after the first treatment
  • Decreased pore size
  • No downtime
  • Transports active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin (Subcutaneous Tissue)
  • Increased elasticity

  • Reduction of Photo ageing and Pigmentation

Did you know?

Other beneficial additives such as filler can be added during the microneedling treatment to plump up and create a more youthful, lifted appearance, again, without the use of injectables. The filler is simply massaged deep into the skins tissue creating an equal delivery without the variables associated with traditional injectable filler.

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We are the only Clinic in the Brighton and Hove area to have this procedure and have had 100% success with it since.

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Treatment FAQ’s

How much is Microneedling?2020-09-18T13:50:17+01:00

See our pricing page for details of cost for all treatments.

Should I use Micro-needling over Botox?2020-09-18T13:49:28+01:00

Because micro-needling encourages your skin to naturally stimulate the production of collagen to enhance the skin’s appearance. In comparison, Botox paralyses the muscles which is more extreme and unnatural.

Is this a suitable treatment for someone who has large pores and deep wrinkles?2020-09-18T13:48:53+01:00

Yes, it is absolutely ideal for this type of skin as it is stimulating the production of collagen.

How will my skin look directly after Micro-needling?2020-09-18T13:48:28+01:00

Your skin will feel warm and have a slight redness for a few hours post treatment.

I am scared of needles, will this treatment be suitable for me?2020-09-18T13:47:58+01:00

The needles used in this treatment are very small and encased in the handpiece, therefore not visible to you. The minimum depth we enter the skin is 0.25mm

How painful is Micro-needling?2020-09-18T13:44:27+01:00

This treatment can cause very mild discomfort. Recipients describe a very slight scratchy feeling.

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