Until recently facial redness was difficult to treat often involving painful outdated approaches. Combining the power of  three advanced aesthetic technologies we can now offer a highly targeted, safe and effective solution.

  • Dermalux® Advanced LED Phototherapy is a relaxing, pain-free, mood-lifting treatment for Rosacea which harnesses the power of clinically proven LED wavelengths to enhance, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

  • Thermavein is the only vein removal treatment to offer safe, instant and effective removal of red facial veins (Telangiectasia) also commonly known as thread or spider veins.

  • Medik8 Red Alert product range is specifically designed to reduce skin redness and provide a calming relief for flare ups and hypersensitivity.

What our clients say…

I came to Clinic 33 because my skin always looked angry & red and I also had a large amount of thread veins on and around my nose, I was born in Australia and so therefore was always overly exposed to the sun, although I have tried to take care to protect my skin, I surf so it would be easily washed off in the salty sea water therefore exposing my skin. I had low expectations to be honest as everything I had tried before didn’t have the desired effect I wanted. I met with a consultant in the clinic who talked me through my skin condition, it was rosacea and was treatable over a course of 8 weeks. I got loads of products for redness called red alert which were great! And easy to use. 8 Dermalux treatments (which I fell asleep under every time… so relaxing!) and a treatment called Thermavein which specifically targeted the veins on my nose and after 1 treatment, once healed were gone! Years of trying to have a normal skin tone and clinic 33 achieved this in 8 weeks!

I’m now going on to some fat freezing for my stomach! Great clinic! Thanks!

– Joel, Shoreham-by-sea

Goodbye Redness Package

  • 8 x Dermalux skin rejuvenation treatments
  • 1 x 15 minute Thermavein treatment
  • Medik8 Red alert range


*(Save £90 compared to when individually priced)

More youthful radiant skin

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