Cryotherapy (also known as ‘fat freezing’) is the latest non-surgical fat reduction method. Currently the most effective alternative to invasive lipsosuction. We specialise in this treatment and have done since 2013, this enables us to focus greatly on the equipment we can offer you.

We have all 4 of the different fat freezing machines, each with differing technologies. As of June 2020 this also includes the latest and worlds most advanced Cryotherapy machine featuring 360 degree cooling with 8 different vacuum cup capacities.

The machines we have on offer are:

  • Lipoglaze Cryotherapy – One of the originals, simple cooling to maximum of -9

  • Cool Sculpting – Heat & Cool technology, often seen as superior to some but not always the case (same as Lipocontrast)

  • 3D Lipo – 1 machine offering a variety of different treatments, does include heat and cool technology and later this year 360 cooling, though cup sizes are limited, this is well marketed in the UK.

  • ISO Cryo360+ – 5 different treatment heads and 8 different size cups. Worlds most advanced, 35 minute treatment time, full vacuum cup freezing capacity (not plates)

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Cryotherapy Fat Freezing Before and After

LipoGlaze Cryotherapy Specialists

At our specialist fat loss clinic in Hove (Sussex) we specialise extensively in the Fat Freezing procedure known as Cryolipolysis, we have 3 different machines with 9 different applicator heads for differing parts of the body.

We were the first to offer Lipoglaze (Fat freezing) outside of Harley street back in 2013 and have invested intensively since. The treatment was pioneered at Harvard Medical School, is FDA approved and highly regarded within the industry. It is proving increasingly popular, particularly for those looking for a non-invasive alternative to Liposuction or a highly effective way to help their weight loss.

Fat Freezing targets different areas which can be stubborn to reduce with diet and exercise alone. These areas can include but are not limited to: Stomach, Love handles (flanks, muffin top), inner and outer thighs, arms (under), Bra line.

Benefits of Cryotherapy LipoGlaze treatments

  • Next to no downtime.

  • Permanent results.

  • Safe, non-surgical and clinically proven.

  • Relatively comfortable and no sedation.

  • Fast treatment time.

  • Non-invasive alternative to Liposuction.

  • Effective for spot reducing hard-to-shift body fat.

How does LipoGlaze Cryotherapy work?

Each machine and subsequent evolution of the technology works in slightly different ways. With Lipoglaze and the Cool Sculpting approach the plates heat up to encourage the fat cells to separate; the plates then drop in temperature to -5c to -9c for between 45 and 60 minutes. The time and temperature needed for the treatment varies and will depend on your body fat, composition of fat and age.

The latest 2020 machine as mentioned above offers full vacuum capacity freezing with a multitude of differing cup sizes and placement options. Treatment duration is cut down to 30 – 35 minutes and the temperature used is a more comfortable -2 to -7. This latest advancement is the biggest that we have seen with Cryotherapy and the most comprehensive overhaul since the treatment’s arrival in the UK. Results are near on double to the previous fat freezing/ heat and cool technologies due to the overall freezing area of the cup with real time temperature adjustment sensors that adjust to maintain maximum results throughout the treatment.

Adipocyte (fat) cells are targeted by the fat freezing treatment process of Cryolipolysis (Cryotherapy). These adipocyte cells are typically rich with saturated fatty acids which are particularly sensitive to cold, which is why this cooling technology is so effective. Other cells, such as skin tissue, blood vessels and the nervous system are not so sensitive to freezing and remain completely unaffected by this fat freezing treatment.

Once the treatment has taken place the large majority of the targeted fat cells will be liquid and subsequently removed through your liver and kidneys in the same natural way as other toxins.

When do I see Cryotherapy results?

Results are usually seen 3 – 9 weeks after your fat freezing treatment, although we have seen near full results in 4 weeks (mostly on the under 30’s). We book clients in for post measurement appointments at the 4 and 8 week mark to run a bio impedance check on our full body stat machine (Body fat, BMR, Protein, Salt and Water content). We also do measurements and pictures to have as much data as possible to monitor the treatment’s success.

How long do fat freezing results last?

The treatment itself is permanent as the cells cannot re-inflate once the procedure is done and the results are apparent. There are very few Aesthetic treatments that are permanent but this is one of them.  Each consultant has a specialist field at Clinic 33 and the consultant you will see for this consultation just does this procedure and has over 15 years experience in the fat reduction and weight loss industry.

We have 8 treatments at Clinic 33 with each room serving a specific treatment purpose.

“My weight on the scales has not changed however people keep telling me how much weight I have lost and I have been able to wear things I have not fitted in to for years because I was too conscious of my stomach. My stomach is noticeably much flatter and I feel more confident and happy with my body. …The fact the treatment didn’t hurt at all, was quick and had no downtime makes it even better. I would recommend this to anyone and would definitely have other areas of my body treated.”

Vicky Eldridge - Editor of Cosmetic News

“I had a lipoglaze treatment done, and I have to say it is amazing, they really know what they are doing in Clinic 33. The nutritionist and personal trainer work together to design for each individual a personalised nutritional plan and a personalised exercise program, combined with Lipoglaze do wonders! It is without a doubt the best non-invasive treatment in the market for weight loss. I highly recommend it.”

Yamileth Doyle

“Friendly, efficient and above all, effective treatments. Lipoglaze is such a quick, safe and effective option for fat removal compared to invasive surgical procedures. It is accompanied by excellent nutritional advice completely individually tailored, and any questions are answered in a fast and easy to understand and follow manner. Highly recommended.”

Deborah Lush

Are there any side effects with LipoGlaze/ Cool Sculpting/ 3D Lipo or Cryo360+?

There is minimal downtime. You may have the following side effects immediately following your Cryotherapy treatment but they should subside quickly:

  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Numbness

We recommend you drink plenty of water in the weeks following your Cryotherapy to help flush out the dead fat cells. Regular body brushing at home also stimulates your lymphatic system to naturally eliminate these fat cells.

Is fat freezing painful?

As we use a strong non-invasive suction to gather the target area, you may feel a ‘gripping’ sensation initially which dies down within a couple of minutes. You will then experience a cooling sensation throughout the treatment. The Cryo360+ offers soft silicone to increase comfort in the treatment area. This treatment is not one you would class as a painful one.

Your Complimentary Cryotherapy LipoGlaze Consultation

Book a free no-obligation consultation with one of our LipoGlaze Cryotherapy specialists by calling 0333 011 0680 or by filling out the form opposite.

At this appointment we’ll discuss your fat reduction concerns, lifestyle and nutrition, answer your questions and recommend a bespoke course of treatment for you.

FAQs about Fat Freezing

Does fat freezing really work?

Well, this is the question. According to (a website where individuals upload
comments and reviews of treatments) it has a ranking of 90%, which in Aesthetics is very very good.
We have been doing the procedure since 2013 and have done over 3000 treatments, in this time we
can count on one hand the occasions where it has not been as successful as predicted.
Fat freezing is our flagship treatment, we focus greatly on the procedure, we have 3 machines and a
variety of treatment heads (applicators).

Can you lose weight by freezing fat?

Now, fat loss and weight are different. Weight loss you have all over and is measured
normally by total body weight. Fat loss is normally measured by Bio Impedance (scales and software
that can track a variety of stats) or body fat callipers, though this is subject to human error.
Fat freezing gives you spot reduction of body fat in a very specific area, often stomach, sides, legs
etc. We measure the progress and results through a full Bio data analysis machine, a measuring tape
and pictures.
The treatment is not classed as a weight loss procedure. It is a fat reduction procedure in which you
may lose say 4 inches of your waist but not change much on the scales.
We normally combine Nutritional coaching and planning with the treatment for individuals that also
require weight loss. The combination of these two give you a much more realistic and closer chance
of success to the level you would most likely want.

What are the side effects of fat freezing?

The area will be red and tender for roughly 10 minutes post treatment, occasionally this can
feel sore until the area has warmed up (10 minutes). Bruising can occur and may last for a few days
in some places.

How much does it cost for fat freezing?

Small cup: £100 | Medium: £150 | Large £250 | X large £350.
Please not the X large head is only suitable for people over a certain size.

Can you freeze belly fat at home?

This is not possible.

How do you get rid of fat cells permanently?

In simple terms, Cryotherapy in this case Cryolipolysis works by changing the internal
structure of an Adipose cell from a solid into a liquid composition. This then causes the cell to reduce
and keep reducing until the liquid Adipose tissue within the cell is excreted through your liver and
kidneys. The process takes a few weeks with the end result being death and mass shrinkage of the
cell, thus giving a reduction of body fat in that exact area.

How many fat freezing sessions will I need?

Maybe 1, maybe 3. This will depend upon your current body composition and your desired
end goal. For the large majority of people we see here it is 1 to 2 treatments in an area.