Kevin Stemp

Clinic founder Kevin Stemp shares his weight loss tips and advice.

Which is your most important meal?

It’s a weight loss question I get asked all the time.

My response is to ask ‘which wheel on your car is most important?’

Obviously the answer is… all of them. And it’s no different with nutrition. Believing that one meal holds the key to your success can undermine your healthy eating and diet goals.


But what about breakfast?

Yes, what about breakfast?

It’s often referred to as the most important meal of the day.

Well it’s your first port of call, but not more important than others. When it comes to weight loss we love to look for a silver bullet:  ‘the best way to do this’ or ‘the one thing you really need to achieve fat reduction’.

However, the truth is far more simple:

Consistency, frequency and timing are more important than any one meal.


Kick start your metabolism

When we wake up we need to jump start our metabolism to help it burn calories throughout the day.

Think of it as lighting a fire.  Once the fire is lit, to keep it burning and growing we must feed it with wood at regular consistent intervals throughout the day.

It’s the same with nutrition.  Much like the fire, if we feed ourselves differing quantities of food at differing intervals of time (say a 2 hour gap followed by a 5 hour one) we run the risk of extinguishing the fire either by starving it or smothering it with too much wood. On the other hand, consistency and frequency ensure the fire remains constant.


5 daily ‘rules’ for weight loss

  • Eat within 30 minutes of waking.
  • Eat every 3 hours thereafter.
  • Ensure portion sizes are the same for each meal (side plate size is best).
  • Avoid sugar and simple carbs.
  • Go to bed relatively hungry.


A balanced lifestyle works best

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