Cellulite Treatments at Clinic 33

Do you suffer with dimpled and uneven skin, aka cellulite? It can be treated.

What is ‘Cellulite’?

When fat cells increase, they push up against the skin. At the same time, this causes some long connective cords in your body tissue to pull down.

These together cause the classic ‘orange peel’ effect (dimpled and uneven), that we know as cellulite. It can occur on the thighs, hips, buttocks and even abdomen.

Did you know?

Cellulite affects up to 90% of women at some point in their lives. And while it does occur in men, cellulite is more common in women due to the structure of their connective tissue.

What causes cellulite?

  • Diet

    Too much fat, carbs and salt will increase your likelihood of the visible cellulite effect

  • Lifestyle

    Your lifestyle choices are also top of the list for giving cellulite a helping hand. Lack of regular movement and smoking are both up there.

  • Genetics

    And while you can’t change genetic components or pre-dispositions that make some more prone to cellulite that others, you can counter balance them and reduce cellulite with healthy lifestyle choices, diet and exercise

  • Hormonal factors

    Estrogen (also known as oestrogen), insulin and thyroid hormones to name a few can play a part in cellulite production. Which is why it affect women more than men

  • Tight clothing

    Yes, it’s true! Tight clothes, especially underwear, that are tight enough to limit blood flow to certain areas can contribute to the formation of cellulite

Real results at Clinic 33

Note to self

Oftentimes, cellulite is not your fault, so don’t beat yourself up! And most of the time, something can be done about it too. If cellulite is getting you down. Let’s find out why, treat it and bring your confidence back.

Cellulite Treatment
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Cellulite Treatment Options

There are two effective treatments available to target and help reduce cellulite; Tri Lipo Radio Frequency (by Lipofirm) which generates heat, and Cryotherapy (by Lipoglaze) which uses very low temperatures – this is what’s often also known as ‘fat freezing’.

Both of these cellulite treatments, when combined with healthy nutrition and exercise programmes, can deliver visible results.

As fat loss and body shaping specialist, at Clinic 33, we advise that that one of these treatment methods will be sufficient and we will advise you which is best at your initial consultation. However, when reducing body fat on the legs and bum using fat freezing of Cryotherapy we noticed that cellulite was visibly reduced and so we now combine the two treatments for more severe cases of cellulite.

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