Who are 3D LIPO?  Are they any good? & Why are they everywhere?

The brief: Who are 3D Lipo

So, this blog is going to be the first of a new series, dedicated entirely to bringing the inside voice to you, the consumer. It might be at times, controversial, self-critical, and challenging to other individuals and Clinics within the industry but, these series of blog’s will be and most importantly, REAL, and TRUTHFUL.

I thought I’d kick this one off with 3D Aesthetics, formally 3D Lipo. As far as business models go, this is a successful one and one that has been executed with superb marketing. We’ll call them 3D Lipo as this is what they are still and most commonly known as.

3D Lipo for those not in the know, provide aesthetic equipment to salons and clinics, more often than not, these tend to be start ups (for reasons we’ll cover soon). The company foresaw a gap in the market place some 10 years ago now, the owner took a European aesthetics machine to China and asked them to build him a few copies, well quite a few!. (not public information but understood from multiple sources).

This is nothing new in the technology and engineering field, China have been doing this, as we all know for some time. The sole reason for this type of outsourcing is quite simply cost! It is extremely cheap to get components modelled, copied, and manufactured in China. The downside to this strategy is unfortunately quite a big one, quality.  You massively compromise on quality, longevity, and the consistency of a product when you do things ‘on the cheap’.  As the saying goes ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice’

This was the first real Aesthetics company to shoulder this idea and throw a large amount of resources at it and quite clearly, it has worked.

3D Lipo have spent large sums of money on marketing their machines for professional use to salon owners and clinic owners nationwide at almost every event going. It’s done well.  The website is well put together, the potential earning figures are often ‘eye watering’ and barriers to entry are minimal such that they’ll train almost anyone with a pulse.

Albeit a small part of our machine portfolio, at this point I should probably mention that we actually have one of their machines.  We have the 3D HydrO2 Facial Machine. I’m not against them and this blog is not an attack, It’s simply linking what’s known on the inside to the consumer, you. Maybe this should be titled ‘Without prejudice’ we’ll see.

The problem: Are they any good?

Now as I mentioned above, their machines are made in China. iPhones are made in China you might say, and you’d be right. But iPhones don’t perform potentially dangerous procedures on people (yet).

The machines are manufactured in China and quality control checked in the UK.

So, they’ve got a cheap machine that looks shiny and expensive. What else can they fit on board? Now unlike all other (non-Chinese) manufacturers, 3D Lipo machines can come with a multitude of other treatment platforms such as Cryolipolysis, Radio frequency, Ultrasonic cavitation, HIFU etc etc. their ‘3D Ultimate Pro’ encapsulates this ethos best. One machine for all occasions. ‘

Why is this a problem you might ask? Well, if I told you that you could buy a device that was a kettle, a coffee machine, an iron, a steamer, an air fryer and a toaster all for £7.50, would you expect it to be good quality? ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ springs to mind. You can even go direct to the manufacturer and buy for 1/4 of the 3D Lipo advertised price to get even cheaper, scary.

This brings me on to the next point…

The Wetherspoons of Aesthetics: Why are they everywhere?

It is quite simply the cheapest way to enter into the industry, you can provide a multitude of treatments with just one machine that is backed by solid marketing and a well know brand.

The trouble with these machines, is they go wrong, A LOT!  Enter 3D Lipo’s service package, they are aware of this so they, quite intelligently, have a very comprehensive service package to fix all the common faults and replacement parts for a yearly fee (and yes you’ve guessed it, it’s not cheap).

It is well known in the premium side of the industry that if a 3D Lipo salon has just opened up then they’ll (more than likely) be running it on a tight budget and will most likely be newly qualified individuals or amateurs of the industry looking to make their mark. We get it, why not, it’s a growth market and this is the cheapest entry point.

The issue is that the ‘proof’ is normally always ‘in the pudding’ and you inevitably always get what you pay for.

We have 11 different machines in our clinics and the 3D HydrO2 facial is the only one made in China. This machine by a country mile is the most poorly made and has given us the lions share of problems that relate to the quality and longevity. This is not to say it’s no good, because this treatment in particular is ok, it’s a very superficial advanced facial so the risk of injury or variable treatment outcomes is incredibly minimal.

For a relative comparison on quality/ price/ outcome. A good example is the Lipofirm Pro by Pollagen, this machine costs 3.5 x times more than the ‘3D Lipo Ultimate Pro’ and just serves one treatment purpose (Skin Tightening and Lifting). The quality is outstanding, and the results speak for themselves.

Watch out for the next blog:

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