At Clinic 33, we understand that everyone’s ideal body is different and that everyone is unique, so we create a personalised treatment plan for each patient. We also offer a wide range of aesthetic Treatments for the Body, so you can choose the perfect treatment for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a long-term solution or a quick fix, Clinic 33 has the perfect solution for you.

At Clinic 33, we offer a variety of aesthetic treatments that can help to improve your appearance and boost your confidence. We use the latest technology to target common areas of concern. Our treatments are proven to be safe and effective, and our experienced team of professionals will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

Fat Freezing

A non-surgical alternative to liposuction is fat freezing, commonly referred to as cryotherapy. For a brief length of time, the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures in order to dissolve resistant fat deposits.

The targeted fat cells die and are subsequently excreted, but the surrounding skin is unharmed. It works particularly well on areas of stubborn fat, such as the arms, chin, neck, waist, abdomen, and thighs. Cryotherapy encourages cellular regeneration as the body recovers and regenerates from the inside out. After only a few weeks, you’ll notice a more sculpted, contoured shape and a leaner overall appearance.

Since fat freezing doesn’t require surgery, there are no needles, blades, or incisions, and it’s a rapid, painless procedure with no chance of infection, it’s becoming more and more popular. Its success led to an increase in popularity.

Body Contouring

At Clinic 33, we employ Lipofirm Pro technology to reduce cellulite and shape the body. Results are noticeable after just one session of this safe, painless treatment. Each body area needs a 30-45 minute treatment for body sculpting.

Clinic 33 now offers Lipofirm PRO, a cutting-edge procedure for skin tightening and fat reduction. Some of the most advanced technologies is used in this special medical aesthetics procedure.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite can be targeted and reduced with the use of two efficient treatments: Tri Lipo Radio Frequency (by Lipofirm), which produces heat, and Cryotherapy (by Lipoglaze), which uses extremely low temperatures.

When used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise regimen, both of these cellulite treatments can produce noticeable benefits.

One of these treatment options will be sufficient, and Clinic 33’s fat reduction and body shaping experts will advise you on the ideal one at your initial consultation. However, we discovered that cellulite was visibly decreased when body fat on the legs and buttocks was reduced using fat freezing or cryotherapy, therefore we now combine the two procedures for more severe cases of cellulite.

Stretch Marks

To eliminate the visibility of stretch marks at Clinic 33, we utilise Radio Frequency Treatment. Radio waves are made by devices with radio frequencies. The collagen in the dermis and subcutaneous fat are heated by these radio waves (fat under skin). Radio-frequency heat generated in this manner causes collagen in the dermis to contract (shrink), while also encouraging collagen synthesis. This method produces new collagen, which then eliminates the lines and wrinkles (and even cellulite where apparent in the same area).

This procedure stimulates the creation of collagen and has an instant noticeable result that gets better over several months. It can be used on the face, belly, buttocks, and legs.

Benefits include no discomfort, painless skin tightening, and collagen regeneration without the need for surgery, downtime, or injections.


A therapy that has become more well-known recently is EMS Max. The original treatment basically involved thousands of thousands of involuntary muscular contractions leading to an increase in muscle tissue. This method was known as “Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation,” or EMS. The same as other aesthetic procedures and technology in general, it evolves and gets better over time.

EMS Max, which combines the two technologies of EMS and EMT, has received FDA approval. It reduces body fat while increasing muscle cell volume (contractile proteins and tissue fibres).