Let us start by mentioning the obvious, there is no replacement for a healthy and balanced nutritional intake combined with a structured and frequent exercise regime. This is as true today as it will be in 100 years’ time. Now, we all know diets are pointless, the recent change in philosophy over this sees people now look for a ‘lifestyle’ approach. There is no point in restricting yourself just so in 3 weeks you get fed up and revert straight back to old ways. Lifestyle, create and implement a way of eating that does 3 things:

  • Its effective in helping you lose weight but doesn’t leave you feeling restricted.
  • The plan gives you variation, options and taste but doesn’t take 1 hour every evening to make.
  • Attack nutrition like you do your work, Mon – Fri ON, weekends OFF.

By doing this you get the one element that is essential for progress, Consistency. It doesn’t matter how great yesterdays salad was if your snacking on your colleagues Pringles today. Consistency is the key to the long game. I’ve worked with athlete’s and some truly incredible physiques over the years and I can tell you that in the end it’s simply being more consistent than the next person that often sets them apart.

Exercise, do it! No time you say… ‘I Leave early and get back too late’. There is 168 hours in every week, If you did 20 minutes exercise 3 times a week then that’s just 1 hour and you have 167 left. If you make it a priority, you’ll make it work. By doing this you watch the other areas of your life improve, Good things happen when you feel good about yourself.

OK, so you’re eating well, you’ve got your weeks nutrition working for you and your happy with your exercise regime. Its not perfect but its manageable and you’re enjoying it, good for you. But what about my muffin top? I’m doing my bit and those love handles just wont shift! Or that overhang since the kids just won’t go away. Well, its 2019 nearly 2020 now so you have other options to help that. We opened the door back in 2013 and have been doing the same fat reduction treatment (with some slight updates along the way) ever since. Now we come from this world so we know what works and what doesn’t. I personally have done over 15,000 hours of coaching and plans alike. You have 1 option from the non-invasive side of Aesthetics and it’s called Cryolipolysis or you may know it as: Fat freezing, Lipoglaze, Cool sculpting, 3D Lipo, Lipo Freeze and so on. For the most part they are much of muchness, we have 3 machines here at Clinic 33 with a multiple of different size treatment cups for differing areas. Essentially this treatment gives you the ability to spot reduce body fat from your muffin top (& other areas) giving you permanent and visible inch loss without any incisions or downtime. Since 2013 we have performed over 3000 fat freezing treatments with some truly spectacular results so if you are in Sussex and you want a kickstart or that overhang shifted you know where we are.