As Clinic 33 celebrates its second month in Meads, Eastbourne, and with 8 successful years in Hove, what advice does co-owner Kevin Stemp have about weight loss and body confidence?

We asked him to share his wisdom (plus, his passion for sunscreen!):

Weight loss in your 20s vs weight loss in your 30s – discuss!

“We hear it from clients every day and it’s no different with any of us here at Clinic 33 – getting old is no fun.

Depending on body type, it has either always been hard or around mid to late 30s it starts getting harder to drop weight fast through conventional and previously tried and tested methods. That bowl of pasta though may look rather innocent and once was, is no more on your side!”

What advice would you give your 16 year old self about body confidence?

“For anyone born in the 80s you may remember the song ‘Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)’ think it was around 1999. Still as significant today as it was back then, this song encapsulated the very essence of body confidence and self-love.

Speaking to my 16 year old self I’d say ‘do it for you, enjoy the ride, remove all negative people from your life, believe in yourself you are enough and be good to your parents’”

What is your skin care like now compared to 10 years ago?

“Skincare has come a long way in the last 10 years – both body and face treatments and products – so in a way a lot of things have changed in my routine. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of wearing sunscreen; preferably SPF 30-50. If there is one piece of advice, I would give anyone to help prevent an array of skin concerns this would be it!”

Are you more conscious of what you’re putting into your body now than when you were younger?

“Most definitely! Though health and fitness have pretty much always been the theme, there is a sense of invincibility that you feel when you are younger. You recover faster, don’t get too hungover and have no idea what back pain is.

There is that saying ‘youth is wasted on the young’ and in my opinion I’d say this is very true. You can be in fantastic shape on your 50th birthday, I know people that are. Age is becoming just a number now more than ever, you just have to work harder for it.”

Need help with a body or skin concern?

“Clinic 33 is a fat loss and skin care clinic with sites in Hove and Eastbourne. We provide the most effective solutions for fat reduction and a range of skin issues, using the latest technology.

If you would like to discuss treatment options for any body or skin concern, book a free consultation. Our experienced team are here to help.”