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Clinic 33 is a renowned advanced medical aesthetics clinic with locations in Eastbourne & Hove that are only a short drive from Haywards Heath.

As a skin and fat loss clinic, we provide a wide range of technologically cutting-edge solutions for various medical and aesthetic issues.

The most popular target areas for patients with body and face issues today are treated at Clinic 33 using modern technology, which has been demonstrated to be effective.

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Haywards Heath’s Aesthetic Experts

It is an honour to work with experts who are leaders in their fields. Mentors continually exceed their own expectations in order to be the greatest versions of themselves in their professional life. Each team member is driven and committed to performing their responsibilities. Each staff conveys and embodies the same idea that has been used to develop the clinic’s aesthetics philosophy.

We promise to give you access to the most advanced medical aesthetics products currently available. The best and most qualified individuals will then perform these procedures.

Providing Haywards Heath Aesthetic Treatments

Clinic 33 aims to become your top choice for cosmetic procedures in the South East by providing the optimum blend of technology, expertise, and understanding.

Along the process, Clinic 33 has developed its expertise in fat freezing procedures while expanding the range of cutting-edge non-invasive rejuvenation treatments it provides. Of course, Clinic 33 has continued to advocate the notion that conventional medicine and alternative treatments should work together to achieve desired results.

The major objective of Clinic 33 is to simply provide the best treatments for even the most challenging skin conditions and fat reduction issues. We mix the best technological advancements currently available with highly qualified personnel to deliver the best service possible.

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Clinic 33 Awards

Clinic 33 Awards

Clinic 33’s successes are a result of our team. Thanks to our amazing group of gifted, diligent, and dedicated people, the following chapter of the story will continue to shine!

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