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Welcome to our skin and fat freezing clinic in Eastbourne, established in 2020.

Located in Meads, Eastbourne, the second clinic to open as part of the Clinic 33 group specialises in all of our top services; Fat Freezing, Body Contouring, Cellulite and Stretch Mark Treatment, as well as our favourite skin treatments such as LED Light Therapy and Hydro Facials.



  • Monday 8am-9pm
    Tuesday 8am-9pm
    Wednesday 8am-9pm
    Thursday 8am-9pm
    Friday 8am-9pm
    Alternate Saturdays


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Fat Freezing in Eastbourne

The arrival of Clinic 33 in Eastbourne means that locals no longer have to travel for London rated fat freezing treatments. Clinic 33 leads the way in the practice of fat freezing in Eastbourne, from its stunning clinic in the Meads area of the town.

Fat Loss in Eastbourne

Looking to change your shape? If yes for whatever reason, we can help. At Clinic 33 our philosophy goes beyond industry leading technology. We also embody and believe in the practice of self-care which helps us work with you on your journey.