Is it painful?

The large majority of non-invasive Aesthetic procedures tend to be ‘pain free’. Fat Freezing used to be much more uncomfortable a few years back on the older machines (Cool Sculpting, 3D Lipo, Lipocontrast etc) but since 2020 when the Cryo 360+ came out, it’s evolved to become much more tolerable, people normally always say ‘is that it? i was expecting much worse…’

In the real world what does that mean?

You’ll feel a pinch at the start, you’ll then feel the drop in temperature which will feel slightly ‘odd’.  Around 5 minutes it will go numb and you wont really feel anything until the treatment ends and the suction cup is taken away.  At this point your skin will be a touch red, numb to the touch for a few minutes until it warms back up. Within 10 – 15 minutes later, you wont really know you had it done.

You may feel bruised for a couple of days to follow, which more often than not will not be visible as it is bruising under the skin. Again this will subside within a day or two.


In theory you could go from the clinic to the gym, there is nothing from a rest stand point that needs to be adhered too. Point being, your day can continue as planned.