Fat Freezing Horsham – LipoGlaze™ (Cryotherapy / Cryolipolysis)

LipoGlaze Cryotherapy which is clinically proven to be safe and effective and offer permanent results; when combined with our industry leading nutritional guidance.

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Lipofirm Pro Treatment— Horsham (body contouring and cellulite reduction)

Lipofirm PRO is safe, painless and effective treatment for body contouring and cellulite reduction. It also has gained celebrity acclaim for offering a non-surgical approach to a bum lift.

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Non-Surgical Face Lift Horsham

Divine Pro combines 4 clinically proven technologies to deliver facial rejuvenation; through dermal volumizing, wrinkle reduction and skin resurfacing and tightening. You will already notice visible results after just one treatment.

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Dermalux® LED Light Therapy Horsham

Dermalux® is new treatment for clients looking to achieve visually healthy-looking skin and accelerated cell renewal. The treatment is also proven to be highly effective at treating acne and related scarring.

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Microneedling Mesotherapy Horsham

After just 1 treatment, Mesotherapy (micro needling) delivers enhanced wrinkle depth reduction and removal, tighter, firmer skin and decreased pore size. We are proud boast that no other skin companies produce 99.7% skin penetration through their products. Read More.

Thread Vein Removal Horsham

Unsightly thread veins can now be quickly and effectively removed via our Thermavein treatment; the treatment is fast, effective and requires minimal downtime.

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Stretch Mark Treatment Horsham

We are proud to offer cutting edge technology to deliver fast results in collagen stimulation, to eliminate or at least noticeably reduce the appearance of stretch marked skin.

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Acne and Acne Scar Treatment Horsham

Our clinic uses both industry leading chemical peel and pioneering LED light technology to treat acne, as well as related scarring. We are proud to to deliver exceptional results. utilising the most cutting-edge technology.

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Milia Treatment Horsham

Milia are distinguishable as raised, pearly-white or yellowish bumps on the skin. Milia may be removed using our Thermavein treatment, the process is safe, quick and effective. If treatment is required, then we recommend Veinwave’s flagship treatment, the industry standard in excellence.

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Nutrition Planning – Nutritionist Horsham

Whilst a diet may yield short term, superficial results with weight loss and overall health; sustaining results is only achieved through a structured and balanced approach to nutrition.

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Rosacea Treatment (Chemical Peel Horsham)

In advanced stages of rosacea (pink/red facial rash), suffers may encounter noticeable swelling of the nose (due to an overgrowth of sebaceous glands) and face. Understandably, these suffers will be looking for quick and effective treatment. We offer our clients industry leading technology to deliver upon their expectations.

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Cellulite Treatment Horsham

Our clinic recommends the most effective treatment for severe cellulite being a combination of either Lipofirm, which generates heat, and/or Lipoglaze Cryotherapy (also known as cool sculpting or fat freezing).When both treatments are combined, they deliver exceptional results.

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Skin Tightening Treatment and Wrinkle Treatment Horsham

As we age, we may encounter noticeably sagging skin. For clients seeking a safe and effective solution, we offer Radio frequency treatment (RF therapy) to stimulate new collagen and visibly tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

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