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3D-HYDRO2 FACIAL2020-12-01T11:53:12+00:00

The purpose of the 3D-Hydr02 is to provide hydration, oxygenation, anti-ageing, brightening, skin tightening and to improve the texture of the skin and remove congestion.

This treatment is new for 2020. The Hydro Facial by 3D Lipo incorporates 7 different treatment technologies into one device.

Dubbed the ‘five-star facial’ this specific device is currently the only hydro facial machine to use 7 different technologies.

Each treatment is tailored specifically to your skin concerns and any problem areas.

The seven different technologies include:

Radio frequency skin tightening
Hydro peel/ Deep cleanse
Exfoliation/ Oxygenation
Skin lifting
Cryo facial/ Fire and Ice

What do the different technologies do and how do they work?

Fire & Ice2020-07-27T13:45:40+01:00

The fire represents the heat element during the treatment. Using this applicator heat is incorporated in the beginning to open pores, increase blood supply and aid product infusion. The ‘ice’ represents the Cryo stage which is the final stage in this 7-step treatment. Cooling the skin down to 5 degrees Celsius leaves the skin cool and refreshed to end the treatment.


Ultrasound technology creates hydration within the skin, this is paramount in cell renewal and helping to slow down the ageing process. Most peoples skin is dehydrated causing a multitude of problems. Increasing hydration will make the skin plumper and more radiant. We then use a range of medical skin care brands that provide a variety of products that are incorporated into this step.

Skin Tightening2020-07-27T13:38:49+01:00

This is Tri-Polar radio frequency which is intense heat that is delivered into the dermal tissue creating immediate trauma and stimulating fibroblast action. These are the cells that produce collagen and elastin which diminish with age. Therefore this step replenishes new collagen and elastin which are the building blocks for tightening the skin.

Skin Lifting2020-07-27T13:38:16+01:00

This next step revitalises dull and lifeless looking skin. The process involves disrupting the barrier due to vibrations on the outer layer of the skin which allows greater absorption of the applied product. There is also a slight muscle contraction which causes a lifting effect.


The second step of oxygenation is delivered via a O2 spray device, this encourages maximum absorption results in intense skin hydration. Oxygen increases cell metabolism which is vital in slowing down the ageing process, this will therefore reduce skin ageing prematurely. In addition to the anti-ageing benefits bacteria on the skin will also be reduced and so this treatment will also have a positive effect on congested skin.


This is the first step of oxygenating the skin creating ‘the Bohr effect’. This method allows oxygen to be drawn into the skin with the delivery of active ingredients such as Kojic acid and Retinol.

Hydro peel2020-07-27T13:13:53+01:00

This is a deep cleanse which uses a combination of 3 different solutions, this involves AHA and BHA solutions which is used to cleanse and smooth the skin to help improve inflammation, skin texture whilst removing bacteria to leave the skin nourished and hydrated.

Tailored To You...

The 7 different technologies can be applied singularly or combined to offer a completely bespoke treatment to achieve the desired look. It is the delivery of all 7 technologies that set this particular treatment apart from the rest. The Hydra Facial device has now been around for a couple years and up until recently was offered with 6 treatment technologies. The 3D-HydrO2 facial is the latest advancement and now offers 7.

We currently work with 9 different Medical Aesthetic brands, each at the forefront of their respective specialised areas.

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