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Eastbourne’s Leading Stretch Mark Treatment

Has your skin appearance changed over time, resulting in ‘stretch marks’? Stretch marks are fairly common, risk-free, and generally fade away with time. If it’s bringing you down, don’t worry; it can be treated.

What causes stretch marks?

What are the triggers of stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear on the skin as lines or streaks. Stretch marks come in a variety of colours, including pink, red, brown, black, silver, and purple. They are usually darker at first and diminish over time. The stomach, breasts, chest, upper arms, thighs, bottom, hips, and back are the most typical areas for stretch marks.

Stretch marks are commonly caused by rapid weight gain or loss, however they may also appear on your skin with these common causes:

  • Pregnancy – As your skin stretches, stretch marks are likely to appear especially after giving birth
  • Puberty – Lots of changes are happening to your body and skin quickly
  • Quick weight gain or loss – Any rapid change to your skin can cause stretch marks
  • Females – Unfortunately stretch marks are more common in women as they develop throughout pregnancy
  • Overweight – Stretch marks are more likely to appear the more weight you acquire and the faster you gain it
  • Hereditary – Stretch marks have been linked to genetics

Bringing Eastbourne The Highest Quality Stretch Mark Treatment

While Medik8’s Chemical Peels are one of the fastest ways to remove/reduce stretch marks, it has also been discovered that when paired with Radio Frequency (RF) treatment, the skin can be efficiently tightened.

Radio waves are created by radio-frequency machines. The collagen in the dermis and subcutaneous fat are heated by these radio waves (fat under skin). The heat generated by radio-frequency contracts (shrinks) collagen in the dermis while also encouraging its formation. The creases and lines are then removed by the new collagen created in this manner (and even cellulite where apparent int the same area).

The results of this treatment are obvious right away and continue to improve for several months; it can be used to increase collagen formation on the face, belly, buttocks, and legs.

The benefits include painless skin smoothing, tightening, and collagen regeneration without the use of injections, surgery, or downtime.

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Stretch Marks Treatment

Before & After Treatment
Before stretch mark treatmentAfter stretch mark treatment

What makes us experts?

At Clinic 33, we offer this combined therapy since our goal is to simply deliver the most effective solutions for a variety of skin problems and complaints, including the most difficult.

To provide the best service possible, we combine the best of current technology and industry breakthroughs with highly experienced consultants.

Suffering from Stretch Marks in unwanted places? Our specialists are available to help today at our Eastbourne Clinic

Do you have questions regarding your body or face? To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us for a free consultation.

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