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Providing Eastbourne With Professional Milia Treatment

Milia are raised, pearly-white or yellowish lumps on the skin that are very small. The skin surrounding the cheekbones, nose, eyes and eyelids, forehead, and chest is the most commonly affected. They can, however, appear anywhere on the body. Milia are most frequent in newborns, but they can afflict anyone at any age.

Milia are completely innocuous and, in most situations, will clear on their own. They clean up in babies after a few weeks. Milia, on the other hand, can last for months or even years in some people. Secondary Milia can be permanent in some cases.

Milia usually do not require treatment because they clear on their own. Some people, however, find milia unsightly and seek treatment.


Eastbourne’s Experts Solution

Milia can be eradicated with our Thermavein therapy, which is a safe, fast, and successful procedure. The procedure is Veinwave’s flagship treatment, and it outperforms all others.

Our goal is to simply give the most effective treatments for a variety of skin problems and complaints, including the most difficult. To give our service, we combine the finest of current technology and industry breakthroughs with these issues.

Thermavein® Laser IPL Epilation Diathermy
Risk of Scarring None High Low Medium High
Typical Results Instant 6-8 Weeks Up to 6 Months Unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory
Risk of Burns None High High None High
Estimate Pain Level Minimal Potentially High High High High
Likelihood of Recurrence None Unlikely Highly Likely Highly Likely Highly Likely
Average Treatments Required 1 3+ 5+ 1 2+









Suffer from Milia? Consider our ThermaVein Treatment available at our Eastbourne Clinic today

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