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Red Thread Vein Removal Clinic In Eastbourne

ThermaVein, the quick, safe, and permanent solution to eradicate face thread veins, is used at Clinic 33 to treat thread veins.

Do you suffer from noticeable red thread veins? Let’s have a look at your solutions…

At A Glance

Duration of treatment:

10 – 20 minutes

Level of discomfort:

Minimal discomfort though the removal of facial veins inside the nose can be uncomfortable.


Pregnancy & breast feeding, individuals on blood thinner medication, anyone under the specialist care of a hospital. Pacemakers.


2 = The treated area can often appear red for a few hours after the procedure, we would advise against immediate sun exposure and any exercise (24 hours post)


Instant and safe removal of red facial veins through ‘thermocoagulation’

Effective for:

Facial vein removal, Rosacea, Skin tags, Milia.

Number of treatments:

1 – 2 on average

Treatment preparation required:

No Alcohol 48 hours prior and no make up on day of the treatment.

What are thread veins?

What are thread veins?

Thread veins, sometimes known as spider veins or broken veins, and medically known as telangiectasia, are small veins that run close to the skin’s surface. Some people are bothered by their appearance, but there are remedies available.

Thread vein treatment Brighton

What can I expect at the thread vein treatment session?

Treatments last about 15 minutes on average. You will notice a dramatic improvement, if not complete eradication, of your broken veins right after your therapy.

Eastbourne’s Thread Vein Removal Experts

Why we use ThermaVein technology

Unlike most other broken vein treatments, ThermaVein does not employ IPL, laser, or epilation, which all have their own set of drawbacks and adverse effects.

Instead, Thermavein technology triggers a process called Thermocogulation by sending a microburst of electricity through the skin’s surface. The vein walls collapse and shut, and the thread veins vanish instantaneously as a result.

A fine probe is used in the treatment to ensure perfect precision and optimal results. It’s speedy, painless, requires little downtime, and it’s suitable for all skin types. There is essentially minimal risk of bruising, scarring, or colour change/loss, and there is no harm to neighbouring tissue.

How does Thread Vein Removal technology work?

ThermaVein was created in partnership with Dr. Brian Newman, M.D., FRCS, the inventor of the “thermocoagulation” procedure. This procedure is used by ThermaVein technology to seal vein walls, making them permanently disappear!


A fine skin probe delivers a form of high frequency microwave energy to each vein independently.

Is it painful to have red thread vein treatment?

The discomfort is usually minor. It’s frequently compared to getting one’s hair plucked.

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Red Thread Vein Removal

Before & After Treatment
Before thread vein removalAfter thread vein removal

Why thread vein removal treatment?

  • Instant results
  • No bruising or scarring

  • Proven technology
  • Relatively painless
  • Quick

  • Minimal downtime

Why would I go for ThermaVein therapy over laser therapy?

This technology is designed specially to target thread veins and nothing else, and it has a far shorter downtime than laser.

Benefits of thermavein treatment

“After 15-20 minutes my face was initially red and a little hot but in the days after I started to see parts of the vein disappearing almost like magic! 8-10 days later, my redness had completely gone and now 2 years my skin is looking calm and as ‘un-red’ as ever.”

Olivia, Burgess Hill

Thread VeinTreatment FAQ’s

Do you use anaesthetic for red thread vein removal?2020-09-18T15:39:52+01:00

No anaesthetic is used for this treatment.

Will my face be swollen, red or irritated after red thread vein removal?2020-09-18T15:38:17+01:00

Your skin will be red after the treatment but it will calm after a few hours and after some days it will have gone completely.

How much does red thread vein removal cost?2020-09-18T15:37:43+01:00

Depending on the size of the area, this treatment can cost from £50 up to £200. Please see our pricing page for price details of all treatments

How might I expect my skin to look after red thread vein removal?2020-09-18T15:37:18+01:00

After one treatment, the veins will appear to have disappeared as the vein has been shut down by the body which will see it as a dead cell so gradually break it down and excrete it from your body.

How many treatments will I need?2020-09-18T15:36:55+01:00

Many clients can be treated in just one appointment. However, for severe conditions you might need more treatments; however, it would be unusual to need more than 3 visits ever.

Suffer from Red Thread Veins? Consider our ThermaVein Treatment available at our Eastbourne Clinic today

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