A Hydro Facial targets all of your skin concerns at once. And while the treatment itself has been around for a while, advances such as the 3DHydro2 Facial Machine are brand new for 2020. Here’s everything you need to know about the treatment, how it works and what it costs…

The 3DHyrdo2 facial machine is currently the only hyrdo facial machine to incorporate 7 different treatment technologies into one device. This treatment is therefore referred to as ‘the five-star facial’.

What does a Hydro Facial do?

The purpose of a Hydro Facial is to provide hydration and oxygenation to improve the skin’s texture and remove congestion thus making it appear brighter and tighter.

What’s more, each treatment can be specifically tailored to your skin concerns and problem areas. Meaning that no matter what you want to target – congestion, pigmentation, wrinkles – a Hyrdo Facial can be adjusted to suit.

How does the 3DHydro2 Facial Work?

A Hyrdo Facial which uses the 3dHyrdo2 Facial Machine is preferred as the process incorporates seven different technologies making concern targetting even more effective. What are they?

Tech #1 – Hydro Peel: This technology infuses AHAs such as Glycolic and Lactic Acid to brighten, exfoliate and soften the skin. The Hydro peel also infuses the BHA Salicylic acid to unclog and tighten pores for congestion and oily skin types. And YES this means removing those stubborn blackheads for good!

Tech #2 – Exfoliation: This is where you get that ‘fresh and clean’ feel from! We spend 10 minutes purely exfoliating those dead skin cells, removing the makeup residue to reveal a fresh and clean finish! This method allows oxygen to be drawn into the skin with the delivery of active ingredients such as Kojic acid and Retinol.

Tech #3 – Skin Tightening: This is Tri-Polar radio frequency which is intense heat that is delivered into the dermal tissue creating immediate trauma and stimulating fibroblast action. These are the cells that produce collagen and elastin which diminish with age. Therefore, this step replenishes new collagen and elastin which are the building blocks for tightening the skin. Sounds great right?

Tech #4 – Skin Lifting: You can’t have tightening without lifting right? This technology allows for deeper penetrating for hydration and incorporates a muscle contraction to have that ‘lifting’ effect!

Tech #5 – Hydration: Ultrasound technology creates hydration within the skin, this is paramount in cell renewal and helping to slow down the ageing process. Most people’s skin is dehydrated causing a multitude of problems. Increasing hydration will make the skin plumper and more radiant. We then use a range of medical skin care brands that provide a variety of products that are incorporated into this step. We love this step!

Tech #6 – Oxygenation: This step is delivered via a O2 spray device, this encourages maximum absorption results in intense skin hydration. Oxygen increases cell metabolism, which is vital in slowing down the ageing process, this will therefore reduce skin ageing prematurely. In addition to the anti-ageing benefits bacteria on the skin will also be reduced and so this treatment will also have a positive effect on congested skin. Can this facial get any better?

Tech #7 – Fire and Ice: Sounds cool right? The fire represents the heat element during the treatment. Using this applicator heat is incorporated in the beginning to open pores, increase blood supply and aid product infusion. The ‘ice’ represents the Cryo stage which is the final stage in this 7-step treatment. Cooling the skin down to 5 degrees Celsius leaves the skin cool and refreshed to end the treatment and close the pores.

How much does a Hydro Facial cost?

Hydro Facials start at £60 and go up to £160 depending on your specific concern and which area(s) you would like to target.

A Pro Tip

Kevin Stemp, Senior Clinical Practioner at Clinic 33 says, “For the best results we suggest you have 8 sessions with a week in between each session to achieve that ‘glow’ we all strive for!”


Find out more about how we carry out the treatment here at Clinic 33: 3dHyrdo2 Facial