As part of our work on facial skin, it is also our duty to support you in maintaining your results yourself. In doing so, we have uncovered this wonderful set of products from Medik8, which work brilliantly on their on but when they come together, well…

⁠This trio from supports cleansing, toning and moisturising and includes:

???? Pore Cleanse Gel Intense: a gel cleanser renowned for pore reduction and smoothing

???? Hydr8 B5: forget the toner. This serum protects, evens and truly hydrates⁠

???? Advanced Day Total Protect: a moisturiser with SPF and a blue light barrier, to protect us against the damaging light from our devices as well as sunlight.⁠

⭐ A top tip from our very own Katie, “Cleanse your face after showering.”. And with so many happy clients, we trust that!

Remember at Clinic 33, we are as much about facial skin care as we are about body health and shaping. ⁠

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At Clinic 33 we focus on looking after you from the inside out. All of our body and face treatments are accompanied by lifestyle guidance to support you on your quest to live a happy, healthy, confident life.

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