Mesotherapy is relatively unknown, in comparison other regenerative treatments available nowadays. But this is surprising, especially as the effective technique has been around since 1952!

Although originally developed as a pain relief method, like many other Aesthetic treatments around at the time, Mesotherapy has been adapted over time to suit our pursuit for younger, fresher skin.


So, what is Mesotherapy exactly?

Mesotherapy uses a series of micro injections comprised of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts just below the surface of the skin to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. Great! So why haven’t you heard more about it?

Although it sounds like an appealing procedure, to attain these results, the treatment isn’t as effective as the aforementioned ‘other options’, which are designed to achieve the same results.

For example, Botox and Fillers have become the ‘go to’ ‘quick fix’ treatments for fine lines and wrinkles. The effect of these impressive after one just treatment, and with the discomfort seemingly similar to Mesotherapy, why would you choose it?

That being said, there is a time and a place for the procedure…


When and why to choose Mesotherapy over other treatments

Mesotherapy on its own, is less expensive, and can be treated more like a facial, than Botox and Filler treatments.

But the treatment has also evolved and as such, you can now enjoy all the regenerative effects of the cocktail of vitamins that Mesotherapy provides without the discomfort of injecting. How? Combine the Meso ingredients with another treatment.

This advancement in Aesthetics is another pioneering showcase of how cutting-edge regenerative procedures are leading the surge in non-invasive Aesthetics. Find out more about that [link to new blog]


How do Clinic 33 do it?

We combine Mesotherapy with the Mediderma Nano Pore Microneedling procedure. By doing so we are able to massage in the Meso ingredients to offer outstanding results without using injectables.

Sesderma is largely unknown in the UK but throughout the rest of the world it is highly regarded as the No.1 medical grade skin care brand. Mediderma is their professional use range for both clinic and home.

The future is bright, the future is non-invasive.


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